Month: October 2014

Luke & Learne’s Adventure


Hey friends,


As many of you will know, on October 31st I will work my last day after over 7 great years with CYC Ministries, most of which has been spent pouring my heart and soul into the Forest Edge Music Festival.

The decision came as a result of much prayer and consultation that saw me and my wife, Learne, reach a place where we felt confident that God had something new, exciting and most likely terrifying for us. At the time we had no idea what that would be next, but the words Redeeming Pop Culture rattled about in my mind daily and a fresh and convicting sense of calling followed. Rather than prattle on about that here, feel free to refer to a blog I wrote that unpacks it some more.


As I deciphered what I felt God saying, I felt a call to advocate on behalf of Christian artists and see them embraced, supported and sent out by the wider church to have an impact on culture. As someone with a collection of experience in music, faith and culture I felt uniquely positioned to throw whatever weight I had behind christian people making great art. The opportunities were, and are, endless.


Never would I have expected that God would open the door to not just advocate on behalf of Christian musicians taking their faith and music into the secular world, but to actually be one. As you likely know by now, Learne and I will be moving to Coolum Beach in Queensland for me to join Selahphonic as their new guitarist. The guys in the band are long time friends of ours and we are incredibly excited. However, I can’t stress enough that this is not about joining a band. It is about joining a mission. 




Time simply doesn’t allow for me to explain the depth of how active God has been in this process, but I am beyond a shadow of a doubt that Selahphonic is not only the perfect personification of the conviction God has placed on my heart in recent months, but that it is what He had waiting for us when we decided to finish at FEMF. In fact, I was blessed to have a great time of conversation and prayer with the guys as an integral part of me reaching the decision to resign. Not only that, but just one week after resigning with no clue what would come next, the news came through that Selahphonic were in need of a new member. Crazy crazy timing.


The reason for this long-winded email is that Learne and I are about to step out into the unknown and we want invite you along for the journey with us and reach out for your support. For the first time ever we are testing the waters of stepping out in radical faith and trusting that God will provide. Unsure of jobs, housing and a bunch of other details, the adventure begins now.


As a part of joining the ministry of Selahphonic we are attempting to secure 2 days per week of financial support to enable me to most effectively invest in Selahphonic and work towards the vision that I’ve been talking and writing about in recent weeks.


Rather than explain the whole thing in this email, I’ve put together a little VIDEO to explain further which I encourage you to watch.




If you feel that you would like to support us then we would be beyond grateful and you can do so very easily by simply filling out your details HERE and I will follow up the rest of the process.




If you are unable to, then of course more than anything we need prayer for this crazy journey, in particular for the process of getting up to Coolum and settled in.


Our target is to reach a total of 38 Supporters at $50 per month or equivalent. If you feel led to contribute more then, by all means, please feel welcome to! Or if you would like to consider a once off contribution towards the cost of our interstate move that would also be incredible!

Luke and Learne Martin